Thank you to our wonderful landowners, who make it all possible..!

The trails in our club's territory are available due to:

* The generosity of over 150 private landowners,
*The fund-raising efforts of our club, plus the donations and help we receive from area businesses
* New York trail grant funds (your snowmobile registration dollars) that help us to provide trail maintenance for 45 miles of funded corridor trails, plus, many additional miles of unfunded "club" trails.

The quality of the trails are due to the incredible efforts of our volunteer club members and the funds received/raised go towards:  trail markers/signs, Class A trail groomers, bridges, culverts, trail clearing, etc.

Great trails take time!

Trail building, clearing, trimming and grooming all take efforts of our volunteers and many hands make not only for light work...they also make for "fun" work....!  

Knowing that your efforts are making the trails even more enjoyable for your friends, family and other snowmobilers is highly satisfying and getting out in nature just adds to the experience. 

We welcome help from all ages and abilities.  If you would like to help, just contact us or come to a club meeting....

Warning: working on snowmobile trails can become addictive..!
Thank you to our dedicated Club Officers
Our 2019-2020 club officers are:

Dave Robbins - President
Charlie Lacki - Vice President
Dianne Cornell - Treasurer
Julie Lacki - Secretary
Don Cornell - Trail Coordinator
Chris Risley - Groomer Coordinator

We have nine members on our Board of Directors:

Herb Best
Scott Swartout
Frank Greco
Lance Hedlund
Gary Risley
Chris Risley
Don Cornell
Jordan Ricotta
Josh Ricotta

Remember to thank our groomer crew for the fine work and dedication they give to the club (and to YOU) by keeping our trails the best in the county! These guys go out at all hours of the night and in all weather conditions to make sure the trails are smooth, safe and well marked. We could not survive without their help.

Thank a groomer today!

Thank you to our dedicated Groomer Operators

We welcome volunteers of ALL ages!

About our Club

A little Lake Effect history

In 2001, The Lake Effect Trailbreakers snowmobile Club was formed by a group of local riders with the goal to increase snowmobile trail grooming in our area and to create/build a big bridge in the Town of Gerry, NY.  The bridge was needed to be able to avoid having to travel some 500 feet on the edge of busy Rte 60, due to a large creek. At the same time, the newly formed club purchased a 1996 Tucker Sno-Cat 1000 with a Mogul Master drag, which was financed by a member on behalf of the club.

Thanks to the efforts, ideas and hard work of many snowmobilers and community members, the club was able to raise funds to pay for that first groomer, plus a second one, within two years, by hosting an annual Sno-Cross race at the Gerry Rodeo Grounds. The kindess and assistance from more than just snowmobilers, really the entire community, helped the fledgling club to accomplish this astonishing feat in a short amount of time.

We owe great deal of thanks to the other clubs in our area who provided advice and donations, as well as to many public officials and entities who provided guidance and assistance to the new club's officers.  Because, very quickly, the club's newly installed trails in our area were converted into funded corridor trails as part of the NYS snowmobile trail system and the club was then able to apply for Trail Maintenance Entity grant funding from the snowmobile registration fees collected by the NYS Dept of Parks via the NYS Departments of Motor Vehicles. 

So, there was a lot going on the first few years of the club's existence.  Groomers, trail installations, bridge building, etc. all happening at once.

Later on, the club went through the lengthy process to be incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in order to be eligible for potential federal Recreational Trail Program (RTP) grants.

RTP funds come from the Federal Highway Trust Fund and represent a portion of the motor fuel excise tax collected from nonhighway recreational fuel use: fuel used for off-highway recreation by snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, off-highway motorcycles, and off-highway light trucks.

Thanks to the wonderful (and patient) grant writing talents of one of the Lake Effect Trailbreaker's club members, along with many hours put in the club's officers, the Lake Effect Trailbreakers were awarded an RTP grant in 2015, to help purchase a brand new Tucker 2000 groomer and Sno-Paver drag.

Now, our club runs two Tucker Sno-Cat 2000 groomers and leases, during the winter, a John Deere Tractor with tracks and all the groomers pull Sno-Paver drags. Our club members continue to work hard to improve the trails in our area. 
brand new, in 2015, Tucker Sno-Cat

Brand new, in 2015, Tucker Sno-Cat 2000

Please support the businesses that support us

  1. NOCO - 24/7 fuel
    NOCO - 24/7 fuel
    ON THE TRAIL: 6804 Main Street, Cherry Creek, NY 14723 Phone: (716) 296-5221
  2. Your company name
    Your company name
    Just contact our club, we would love to have your business advertise with us!
    The Vegas Pad
    1064 Route 394, Kennedy, NY 14747 (716) 267-7367
  1. Schutt's Saw & Mower
    Schutt's Saw & Mower
    301 Hazeltine Avenue, Jamestown NY 14071 Phone: (716) 664-3090
  2. Daniel T. Welsh, DDS
    Daniel T. Welsh, DDS
    4 Glidden Avenue, Jamestown, New York 14701 Phone: (716) 484-4655
  3. Raynor’s Liquor Store
    Raynor’s Liquor Store
    213 Fluvanna Avenue, Jamestown, NY Phone: (716) 664-4503
  4. Sinclairville Superette
    Sinclairville Superette
    Supplies – On the Trail…! Open 7am-9pm - 18 Main St Sinclairville, NY 14782
    Complete Expert Service & Repair - 2 West Main Street, Falconer, NY CALL 665-3063
  6. 3 Seas Recreation
    3 Seas Recreation
    Mayville, NY Phone: (716) 753-BOAT
  7. The OFFICE Restaurant
    The OFFICE Restaurant
    Prime Rib, Subs, Pizza, Wings Rte. 394, Kennedy, NY Phone: 716-267-3285
    1045 Hagerdon Hill Rd, Ellington, NY 14732 Phone: (716) 287-3987

Snowobilers build bridges

Snowmobilers not only build bridges, they put up and take down hundreds of trail signs each season.

List of club members that maintain each section of the trails in our territory
(these folks could use your help):

Trail C4A - Gerry Bridge / Kimball Stand area - ?
Trail C1D - Rte 60 (railroad bed) to Tri-James - Herb Best, Gary Risley, Chris Risley
Trail C1D - Rodeo Grounds / Ross Mills railroad bed - Herb Best
Trail C1D - Ross Mills / Knight Road -  Kurt Gott
Trail C1D - behind Breezewood Golf Course / Harris Hill / Hanson Roads - Glen Hanson
Trail C1D - Waterman Road / Dean Roads - Shawn Hough, Sue Hough
Trail C1D - Breezewood Golf Course - Randy Ridgeway
Club Trail - Harris Hill State Land / Gerry-Ellington / 28 Creek Roads - Chris and Dave Millard, Josh and Jordan Ricotta
Club Trail - Herrick / Harris Hill Roads - Don Cornell
Trail S18 - Terry Road to Hatch Creek State Land - Gary Risley, Chris Risley
Trail S18 - Hatch Creek State Land / Engdahl Road - Don Cornell, Sean Egan
Trail S19 - (Witch Kitch trail) - Don Cornell, Sean Egan, Chris Risley
Trail C1C - Hagerdon / Risley /Thornton / Old Chautauqua Roads - Ryan Emmick, Dave Robbins
Trail S17 - Thornton Road Bridge / Mutton Hill / Wade Hill Roads to Ellington Hardwood - Scott Swarthout, Bob Volpe
Trail S17 - behind Ellington Hardwood to Watson Road to Waterboro Hill Road - Mark Cowan
Trail S17 and Trail C1 - Waterboro Hill Road to Leach Hill Road - Warren Kinney, Brian Haskins
Trail C1 - from Waterboro Hill Road to Goodwin's Landing - Dan Steward
Trail C1 - from Renaissance Christmas Tree Farm to Leach Hill Road to Waterboro - Dan Steward
Trail C1 - Kennedy and trail S13 into Kennedy - Don and Natalie Robbins
Trail C1 - Wolcott Road / Waterman Road - Brad Griffith, Jayme Conti
Trail C1 - Waterman Road / Ellington Street to Renaissance Christmas Tree Farm - Brad Griffith
Trail C1 - 28 Creek / Ellington Rod and Gun - Brian Haskins, Brian Deverell
Trail C1 - Gerry-Ellington / Harris Hollow Roads - Brian Haskins
Trail C1 - Harris Hollow / Hagerdon Hill / Thornton Roads - Brian Haskins
Trail C1 - Hagerdon Hill / Old Chautauqua / Bates - Bob Volpe
Trail C1 - fields above Edson Road to Thornton/Swanson Road - Don Cornell
Trail C1 - big fields behind Cockcaigne (Engdahl Road) - Don Cornell, Sean Egan
Club Trail - Wolcott Road from C1 to South Hill Road into Ellington - Brad Griffith, Jayme Conti
Club Trail - Old Chautauqua/Risley Roads - Bob Volpe
Trail S13 - Kennedy / Swamp Road / County Line Road - Don Robbins, Ed Hoene and The Elibomwons (Randolph) Snowmobile Club

Please respect the signs