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Lake Effect Trailbreakers


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Lake Effect Trails are CLOSED  as of 7 P.M. Feb 17, 2017 - Respect the trails!

The Gerry Church on Route 60 is having a Bless the Snowmobiles on    Feburary 19 at 9:30 am in the parking lot on Route 60 if anyone is interested in attending.

The snowmobile trails of the Lake Effect Trailbreakers are...


Lake Effect Trailbreakers Trails are closed.

The Lake Effect trails are closed as of Friday, February 17th at 7 p.m.  The warm weather and sun beat us up today.  Please respect our decision to protect our land owners.


Be alert, Be safe and Be Courteous of Landowners




First day of opening: - 12/21 @ 10AM
Closed 12/24
Open 12/30
CLOSED as of 1/2/17 @ 7AM
Open 1/5/17
Closed 1/11/17
Open 1/29/17
Closed 1/30/17
Opened 2/1/17

CLOSED  2/7/17

1/3/2017 - NEW Club newsletter

12/20/16 - From Dianne:

Trail maps have been mailed out. 
Thank you!!!!


Our club holds their meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm at Feeganís Witch Kitch. which is right on the trail.

 Come out and support your club

The season has begun, but Mother Nature has not cooperated much to
this point. It seems that every time she gives us enough snow to open,
she soon brings warm temperatures and rain, forcing us to close the
trails down again. The next couple of weeks look promising at this
point so we will keep our fingers crossed.
It was nice to open on the 21st as planned, with an abundance of snow
through our trails but sadly some of the other Clubs were forced to wait
a day or two to safely open. Though it is our intent to open and close
all County trails at the same time, unfortunately, as all the locals know,
we can have 3 feet of good riding snow in one area, and not have
enough to open just a few miles away. We opened on the 21st trusting
that riders would show consideration to the Clubs and Landowners
who could not open, and only ride open trails. I believe that there were
few issues and thank everyone for their cooperation.
I would again like to thank all our Volunteers who took the time to
make sure that our trails were ready to open on time. Many of these
people take time off from their jobs to prepare for the season and I
thank them. That being said, we can always use more help. Even just
a few hours a year spent helping improve our trail system would be
greatly appreciated by all. Even if you just go for a leisurely ride with
a pair of brush cutters and cut back that narrow section of trail that you
wish was wider. Anyone interested in being a part of our group, please
let us know at: info@trailbreakers.com and If you do spend time
working on our trails, please let Diane Cornell know so she can log
your hours.
Please stay between the stakes and THINK SNOW!

I hope to see you on the trails.
Gary Risley.


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The club will be offering apparel again this year.

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We strongly encourage you to check our Facebook page for the very latest updates - Thank you!!


YOUR NEW 2016 TUCKER 2000!!!!!!!!



See the photo page where we will start archiving your adventures


Please send in your photos to the club email!






The Trailbreakers give a special shout out
and thanks to our friends at D&S Glass!

This season's SNOWMOBILING CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY free trail phone app now available for both Android and Apple phones! Each year new features added, including turn-by-turn NAVIGATION, Breadcrumbing, Route Planning and Club Events. Premium Statewide Trail App also available.

Loud Pipes Close Trails.


In NYS, the law states "No snowmobile shall be modified by any person in any manner that shall amplify or otherwise increase total noise emission to a level greater than that emitted by the snowmobile as originally constructed, regardless of date of
manufacture." The law specifies that any sled manufactured after 1980 must produce less than 73 decibels.

Why would any snowmobiler want to intentionally harm the relationships clubs have with landowners? Especially, when it could ultimately end up with trail closures that affect all of us?

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