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Lake Effect Trailbreakers


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We will be having our End of Year party on March 25th starting at 7:00 p.m. at Feegan's Witch Kitch


The snowmobile trails of the Lake Effect Trailbreakers are...


Lake Effect Trailbreakers Trails are closed.

See you Saturday Night at Feegan's Witch Kitch

Final meeting of the year April 4th, 7:30 pm at Feegan's

Thank you!!





First day of opening: - 12/21 @ 10AM
Closed 12/24
Open 12/30
CLOSED as of 1/2/17 @ 7AM
Open 1/5/17
Closed 1/11/17
Open 1/29/17
Closed 1/30/17
Opened 2/1/17

CLOSED  2/7/17

3/4/2017 - NEW Club newsletter

12/20/16 - From Dianne:

Trail maps have been mailed out. 
Thank you!!!!


Our club holds their meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm at Feeganís Witch Kitch. which is right on the trail.

 Come out and support your club


Well, it looks as though our snowmobile season did not turn out to be what we were dreaming of early on. It seems that every time we got cold and snow it was soon followed by warm temperatures, wind, and rain. We almost got the water holes on the trails to freeze up several times to only lost out to Mother Nature. We still have a few weeks left in the season and there is always a chance of snow in Western New York but snow this time of year it is normally short lived.

I would like to thank our dedicated group of trail workers, who were called on many times to do everything from repairing wash outs from the quick thaws to removing trees from the high winds. And the Groomer Guys for making the best trails possible with the limited snow available. Many of whom, probably put less hours on their snowmobiles than they donated to our trail system this year.

Over the course of the season, I read a few posts on our Facebook Page questioning our decisions on opening and closing trails. Please know that these decisions are not made by one person. Our Groomer Coordinator, Groomer Operators, Trail Coordinator, other Club Members, and other area Clubs are all included in these decisions. But please be sure, we will open our trails as soon as conditions permit, while weighing the effect on our Landowners and our neighboring clubs. I believe we did pretty well at getting trails open when conditions allowed, even if neighboring clubs could not. And closing when our Landowners properties became at risk because of low snow.

That being said, I hope you were able to take advantage of our trails when they were open and found them to satisfactory considering what we had to work with.

Hopefully next year we have that season we all dream of.

Gary Risley - President, Lake Effect Trail Breakers.

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The club will be offering apparel again this year.

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We strongly encourage you to check our Facebook page for the very latest updates - Thank you!!


YOUR NEW 2016 TUCKER 2000!!!!!!!!



See the photo page where we will start archiving your adventures


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This season's SNOWMOBILING CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY free trail phone app now available for both Android and Apple phones! Each year new features added, including turn-by-turn NAVIGATION, Breadcrumbing, Route Planning and Club Events. Premium Statewide Trail App also available.

Loud Pipes Close Trails.
In NYS, the law states "No snowmobile shall be modified by any person in any manner that shall amplify or otherwise increase total noise emission to a level greater than that emitted by the snowmobile as originally constructed, regardless of date of
manufacture." The law specifies that any sled manufactured after 1980 must produce less than 73 decibels.

Why would any snowmobiler want to intentionally harm the relationships clubs have with landowners? Especially, when it could ultimately end up with trail closures that affect all of us?


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